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4月 「思い出の桜咲いた春」

Letter April "Memories of cherry blossoms in spring"







善く生きる可能性もあるし 悪く生きる可能性もある。





Every month, Jigenji will send you a letter from the four seasons. It was mid-April. In the spring, I set out from Akiu to the north with the petals of cherry blossoms fluttering in the wind. Soon, the village will be dyed in a fresh and vibrant green color. The cherry blossoms that remain in bloom are called "remaining flowers," but some of you who come to the Goma prayer on the 18th may be healed by the unexpected remnants of flowers.

This is the story of RyoJun when he was still a child. Aiming for the Sennichi Kaihogyo, I was training every day not only for working and studying at the temple, but also for building my body. Then, I saw the people of Yoshino's Monzen-cho working hard and started to talk to me one after another. One person said, "If you build a temple in the future, donate cherry blossoms." When the temple was actually built, he gave me a lot of cherry trees. Memories of cherry blossoms are planted around the pond and on the slopes behind the temple.

The life of the cherry blossoms, nicknamed "Yumemigusa," is ephemeral, and the splendor of full bloom is just a moment of the year. Even so, it continues its life without rest in summer, autumn, and winter, and blooms beautiful flowers in spring. The way of life overlaps with the appearance of RyoJun, who continued walking in the mountains no matter how painful it was.

[Monthly Word]

There are all possibilities for a person. There is a possibility of living well and there is a possibility of living badly. It's all up to you to decide which way to go. No matter how difficult it may be, do your best without running away from what is in front of you. And I will cherish the relationship and do my best for the given work. Then, the road will surely be opened.


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