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5月 「いつもえがおで、ホッと一息」

Letter May "Always have a good time and take a breather"







May in the new calendar is called "Uzuki", but did you know that there is another name called "Kiyowatsuki"? Seiwa is, as the name implies, a clear sky and peacefulness. In May, when the wind is fragrant, Akiu-sato, where Jigenji is located, is surrounded by fresh greenery. When I see the people who come to the Goma offering and worship, they look at the sky and trees and smile with a smile.

Around May 2nd, which is the 88th day counting from the beginning of spring, "88 nights". With the peak of tea picking approaching, when you think that you can finally enjoy new tea, it seems that youthful and fresh scents are coming. Acharya is handwritten in the teacups one by one every year at the Kiyomizu ware pottery in Kyoto. This year's character is "Always Egaode". Every time I drink tea, I see this word and take a breather. I hope everyone will smile.

You can buy a tea cup at the Jigenji Fudasho. We also accept shipments nationwide. (Please note that the number of teacups is limited.)

[Monthly Word]

No one can live alone, and there are times when each person has to live with pains, pains, and various hesitations. At that time, I'm not pessimistic if I'm the only one who is suffering, and I tell myself that there are people in the world who are doing their best while feeling more painful and sad, and everyone is living together. It is important to have a compassionate heart and keep a smile on your face.

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