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6月 「雨は命の水」

Letter June "Rain is the water of life"





It's been hot days. How are you all doing? Tohoku is about to reach the rainy season. By the way, the wind that blows during the rainy season is "Kurohae", the middle is "Arae", and after the rainy season is "Shirohae", depending on the season. The name of the wind also changes. If you want to express the cloudy sky with long rains in color, it's just black. On the other hand, the wind blowing through the clear blue sky after the rainy season seems to shine white. You will be amazed at the richness of the sensibilities of our predecessors who have lived close to nature.

By the way, there is always something to remember about RyoJun during the rainy season. It was about five years after he went to Sennichi Kaiho. The mountains were dry and dry due to the tremendous heat. The heat deprived me of my strength, and my sweat ran down like a waterfall. The amount of water in only two rivers where you can drink water is low, and it is flowing slowly. Without hesitation, he drank the rusty water from the cleaning drums at the foot of the shrine, and continued to struggle day after day. It is often said that the rainy season is annoying, but rain is the water of life that brings grace, and the way it moistens flowers and trees is also a landscape of gratitude.




[Monthly Word]

If a person has a destiny, it may be to overcome the hardships and walk with conviction so that the life to grow as a human being will not be shaken. Accepting all the grief that "why do I have to think like this", swallow it and carve out my daily life. This will bring about a little change in your mind. That may be the very first entrance to the training.


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