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7月 「ありがとうという、言葉のたからもの」

Letter July "Thank you"


この度、慈眼寺に新たなお守りが仲間入りを致しました。福、縁、絆、感謝という言葉で彩られた「ありがとう守り」。見つめているだけで、心がやわらかく、まあるくなりませんか? 大阿闍梨が日々大切にしている「ありがとう」の思いが込められています。小さなお子さまも、大人の皆さまも、ありがとう守りの御力をいただいて、毎日に感謝の花を、笑顔の花を、咲かせてください。


"I want to give a healthy life," "I want to make my dreams come true," "I want to live without losing hope no matter what," and "I want my loved ones to be happy." Even after spending a prayer time at Jigenji Temple and returning to each place, they will stay close to your heart. In other words, the amulet may be the basis of your heart. We believe that not only the power of the gods and Buddha, but also the strength of each person's desire for their wishes will dwell in it, and various guidance will be born.

This time, a new amulet has joined the Jigenji Temple. "Thank you protection" colored with the words of good fortune, ties, bonds, and gratitude. Isn't your heart soft and mellow just by staring at you? It contains the feeling of "Thank you" that RyoJun cherishes every day. Whether you are a small child or an adult, thank you for your support and let us bloom the flowers of gratitude and the flowers of smiles every day. Thank you guards can be purchased at the Jigenji Fudasho. In addition, we accept amulets by mail for those who have difficulty worshiping.







塩沼亮潤 「人生でいちばん大切な三つのことば」より

[Monthly Word]

The sun illuminates us every day from the eastern sky to the west. We can breathe air and drink water. Is there such a mystery or a miracle? How much should we be grateful for this world that gently envelops us? I don't know how long it will last, but how wonderful it would be if I could feel happy about this miracle and continue to be grateful.


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