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7月 「大自然の理」

Letter July "Nature's reason"



Akiu, where Jigenji is located, has a magnificent nature and a wonderful hot spring that Date Masamune also healed his tiredness, and has been popular with people since ancient times as a place of recreation. Behind Jigenji Temple is Akiu Otaki, which has a height of 55 meters and a width of 6 meters, and Iwashiiwa, which is overwhelmed by the magnificent beauty of nature. There is a promenade of about 2 km in the Futakuchi Valley where you can enjoy the beauty of the valley. Take a deep breath in the dazzling summer greens and listen to the cool waters. If you think that the mother of water is in the mountains, the pure water is filled with the charity of the mountains, and I feel that the power to live from the bottom of my stomach is revived with gratitude. When you come to Jigenji, please enjoy the nature of Akiu to your heart's content with delicious soba noodles.







塩沼亮潤 「幸いをいただきまして このひとときを大切に」より

[Monthly Word]

Just as water flows from high to low, one river flow makes sense in nature, and no matter what or what humans do, it cannot be changed. Instead of changing that reason, we must live a life that returns to the original human form so that we can live a reasonable life.


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