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7月 「幸いをいただきまして」

Letter July "Saiwai wo Itadakimashite"












<塩沼亮潤 「幸いをいただきまして このひとときを大切に」より>

People in the old days felt the changing seasons in the voices of various creatures, and were looking forward to hearing the skylarks, warblers, frogs, and their Hatsune. Summer is "Hatsuzemi". Some people feel nostalgic for the voice of a cicada that they hear for the first time in a year, while others may be thrilled that "Oh, summer has come." Under the shining summer sun, please love the cry of the cicadas during this season when they cry out loudly, "Mean Min Min Min Me".

By the way, last month, a collection of copies of RyoJun Shionuma was published. The title is "Saiwai wo Itadakimashite (Thank you for your happiness)" If you turn the page, you can see the scenery of Mt. Omine, where RyoJun continued to walk. As you read on, the flowers, greenery, sky, burning flames of Goma, and the words of RyoJun, which color the four seasons of Akiu, will speak to a deep place in your heart. Today, I would like to present the words of happiness wrapped in rape blossoms from this book.

People suffer because they are obsessed with something and cannot express their kindness obediently. Even so, if you do not give up and live with compassion and politeness, the day will come when you will meet wonderful flowers of enlightenment in your heart and in your life. Also, I think that people are born in this world for that reason.


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