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8月 「仙台七夕まつり」

Letter August "Sendai Tanabata Festival"





塩沼亮潤「春夏秋冬 自然に生きる」より

The Sendai Tanabata Festival has begun. A traditional event that has continued since the time of Date Masamune, the feudal lord. Speaking of Tanabata, you write your wishes on a strip of paper. Originally, instead of the strips, the five-colored threads were displayed after Orihime, who was good at weaving and sewing. There must have been a wish put into one color and one color. Since the Edo period, the thread has become a strip of paper. Sendai where the strips sway in the wind along with the colorful windsock that colors the star festival. I hope you can feel the cool happiness while loving the beauty ...

[Monthly Word]

Nowadays, as the days go by, the depth of happiness increases as we spend the day. Until a while ago, I thought it was a real happiness to always be calm, but when my feelings became more calm and my gratitude deepened, I was in the environment surrounding me. Then, when I realized that I was supported by various people, I began to feel even greater joy.


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