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9月 「心の月」

Letter September "Moon of the heart"



The harvest moon of this year is September 21st. It will be soon. A long time ago, in Japan, the lunisolar calendar, the so-called lunar calendar, which was created based on the phases of the moon and the movement of the sun, was common. According to the lunar calendar, July, August, and September are autumn, and August 15th, which is in the middle of it, is called "Mid-Autumn", and the month that rises that night is called "Mid-Autumn Month". Can you enjoy the beautiful moon this year? Well, there are many words about the moon. Do you know the word "Shingetsu" written as "Moon of the heart "? It is a word that expresses an enlightened heart and a pure and bright heart. The poet of the Heian period wrote a waka poem, "Look up at the moon at night when your heart is cloudy due to anxiety and sadness." The clear and beautiful moon delivers pure light to our hearts, as it has always been.








[Monthly Word]

People can grow because they experience hesitation and suffering. The Buddha sometimes tells us what we lack through nature and people. Sometimes it hurts my heart, but by taking it in my heart with a sincere attitude, I can meet myself that I have never met.


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