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Announcement of the release of RyoJun Shionuma's new book.

住職 塩沼亮潤大阿闍梨の新刊『寄りそう心』が発売となります。

Date fmで放送中のラジオ番組『今朝の一言』ら、人生をより良くするための“厳しくも温かい言葉”を厳選し、慈眼寺のある仙台秋保の美しい四季の写真とともにお届けします。



  全 国  …2022年2月10日(木)






なお、この本の印税は、財団法人 塩沼亮潤大阿闍梨基金を通じて、ご飯を食べることが困難な子どもたちへ全額寄付させていただきます。

The new book "Yorisou Kokoro" by Ryojun Shionuma, the chief priest, will be published.

From the radio program "A Word of the Morning" being broadcast on Date fm, we have carefully selected "strict and warm words" to improve your life, and will deliver them with pictures of the beautiful four seasons of Akiu, Sendai, where Jigenji is located.

From January 31st (Monday), Ryojun Shionuma's autographed book will be on sale at the Fudasho / online shop.

The royalties on this book will be donated in full to children who have difficulty eating daily meals through the Ryojun Shionuma Daiajari Foundation.


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