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日々の想い Vol.1

The way he looks vol.1






Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma. From this month, the homepage and SNS of Jigenji have been relaunched under the guise. The eternal and immutable truth of "religion" could only be conveyed in words and letters. However, in modern times, with the development of digital technology, the options for "communication" such as photos and videos are expanding. Isn't it possible to express the truth in religion a little deeper and more beautifully by utilizing these new technologies? This homepage was born as the first step in that challenge. The design is simple. "Simple" also leads to the origin of faith. It is the same even in the present age when digital has developed, and communication between people is love that considers each other, and to be close to each other and to help each other. I hope that it will be communicated through this homepage.

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