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日々の想い Vol.11

The way he looks vol.11















Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

There is a saying, "The stakes that come out are struck."

Of course, the stakes that come out are struck, but if they don't come out, you don't know what the person wants to do.

People become stronger only when they are hit. Even if you are struck, if you still have a strong feeling and do not bend and rot, the people around you will admit, "I see, you want to do this," and no one will hit the stakes that come out.

However, I think that there is also a style of being struck on the side of being struck.

That is, even if you feel unpleasant when you are hit, never resent or hate people. It means growing up as fertilizer and finally getting recognition for yourself.

We can grow together because we hit them seriously.

I think this is the parent-child relationship.

The personalities of each other are refined because they collide with each other with the same line of sight with all their spirits.

Just as diamonds can only be polished by diamonds, humans are only polished by humans. That's why we respect everyone and never neglect our relationships.

The important thing is to hone yourself in any situation.

Never forget to hone your mind.

I think that by nourishing everything, becoming a big human being, and convincing myself, "Oh, this is what it is," every day, I think that it will be a fun life.

No matter what happens, I'll be proud and live as hard as I can every day.

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