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日々の想い Vol.12

The way he looks vol.12












Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

One of my favorite monks is a monk from the Edo period called "Ryokan-san."

I didn't learn it at school, but I'm sure you've heard the name somewhere before.

Of course, at that time there was no internet and no HP. Even so, from the Edo period to the Reiwa era, Ryokan's way of life has been handed down through so-called word of mouth, taught by his grandfather and grandmother for generations. I think this is amazing.

The image of Ryokan is that of a gentle monk who plays with the children in the neighborhood and has a child's mind.

Let me introduce one of Ryokan's famous episodes.

One day, Ryokan's younger brother's wife came to ask him to preach to Umanosuke, the son of the prodigal son.

Ryokan accepts the request and returns to his parents' house. My younger brother and his wife were disappointed that they didn't scold their son.

Ryokan, who was preparing to leave, sat at the entrance and asked, "Umanosuke, can you tie the straw sandal for me?" When he was there, Ryokan's tears streamed down Umanosuke's neck.

At that moment, Umanosuke realized that someone truly cared about him, changed his mind, and became a splendid young man.

Rather than being bound by rules and regulations, I believe that one day we will be able to communicate that we continue to think of others from the bottom of our hearts, and this will lead to changes in people.

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