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日々の想い Vol.13

The way he looks vol.13










Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

It will soon be 20 years since Jigenji Temple was built in 2003. Recently, I'm relieved that the temple has finally settled down.

At the same time, there is also a feeling of "Okay, lucky!" Up until now, I've been living on the spur of the moment, so now I can take the time to study and think about various things.

When I returned to Sendai after training in Nara, I had a strong desire to build a temple, but I had nothing of my own. What should I do? Let's try it this way! And it was every day of trial and error.

Every day I spent my days digging holes, driving stakes, and building a temple in a bare piece of land. Working in mud for about 16 hours a day with craftsmen and trainee monks, it might have been harder than the training. While I was building the temple, I had blood in my urine and had blood in my stool, so I think it was physically and mentally exhausting.

It was certainly a big detour, but if this temple already existed, I would be asked, "Which would you prefer?" And I feel that I have gained strength and muscle because I have overcome the difficult road. Without that experience, I might have become a feeble abbot. The result is all right.

I, who have lived with such passion and impatience, have now entered a period of "relaxation."

Do you have an image of a rocket that requires a large amount of power to launch, and can continue to fly with little power after passing through the atmosphere? After all, I think it's better to have a period of impatience when you're young.

From now on, I want to practice what I can do for the world. And I want to deliver stories and words that make people feel at peace with Jigenji Temple, and make this temple a place where they can be given a sense of peace.

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