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日々の想い Vol.14

The way he looks vol.14










Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

I would like to think once more about "doing my best".

My daily stance is to fix subtle errors in my daily routine and focus on the next time rather than this time. Even in the monthly Goma, I do my best to prepare, perform the Goma, and reflect, repeating this every time. No Goma is ever the same. Just focus on what's in front of you with all your heart and sincerity. That's all.

Even in your daily life, when you wake up in the morning and make miso soup, the taste of miso soup made with sincerity and sincerity is different from miso soup that is not. If you feel like you've made a mistake, you'll be able to make fine adjustments and eventually you'll be able to make delicious miso soup.

I entered the temple with the intention of training, but I have colleagues who also entered the temple as training monks, and among them there are those who practice hard and those who are reluctant. Even so, I just do what I need to do every day without being influenced by the environment around me.

Try to remember. When I was in elementary school, I used to do my homework before going to school, attend classes, and then go home and review. Everyone takes the same classes, but preparation and review are up to you.

When you enter the training dojo, the training that everyone does is the same, but before the training of the day starts, how to prepare, practice, reflect on what you did wrong, and correct this preparation. Whether or not you do the review even when you grow up, the degree of growth of inner polishing will be completely different.

Not only in the world of training, but also in any job, it is not so easy to become first class. However, those who accumulate days without forgetting the feeling of "let me do my best" will someday bloom.

In those days, you will realize that your life has become richer, and will be glad that you were born. And isn't it the basis of life to live by helping each other with the people who have a relationship in front of you?

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