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日々の想い Vol.16

The way he looks vol.16













Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

There are only a few hours left this year.

On the 18th of this month, my younger disciples Junsho Nakano and Kanun Aramaki visited the mountain and participated in the sermon and the goma.

Luckily, it's very nice to have friends with whom you can have fun communication and create good harmony whenever you meet them.

I think that what is common to such friends is "not to be frustrated". It's "do not rot".

There are many things in training that I do not understand or do not understand. I think it's in your life too. When I am given an outrageous instruction, I sometimes feel unconvinced, thinking, "Why do I have to do this?"

However, I do what I am told and do my job properly without getting frustrated.

No matter what happens, it is important that it does not rot.

The other day, there was only one rotten mandarin orange in the box I received. If you don't get rid of it immediately, it will spread to the surroundings and everything will be ruined.

Even in our hearts, if there is a rotten part that seems to be even a little frustrated, it will spread out from there and rot as a whole. Before that happens, I think that the mental attitude of living each day as calmly and happily as possible without being obsessed with your own frustration will bear fruit someday.

By all means, please do your best with the goal of not being bloated next year.

Thank you very much for this year.

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