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日々の想い Vol.17

The way he looks vol.17











Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

Recently, I have come to intuitively understand that if I feel like this, act, or say something, my luck will go down.

For example, when I was training in the mountains, I could sense how many days it would be before the next rain, based on the color of the mountain, the flow of the wind, and the air. I don't have a logical basis for this, but it's the same feeling I get from my own experience, saying, "When the clouds were moving like this, the weather was like this."

The fact that if you do something like this, your luck will not go down is what I have learned from many failures myself.

What I realized again is that many of the people around us who are said to be lucky people are making efforts to improve their fortunes by accumulating merit behind the scenes. When it comes to luck and fate, many people tend to passively think of it as “something that is bestowed”, but it is something that can be improved through your own actions, words, and the way you hold your heart.

After gaining this realization, I suddenly returned to the words of the Buddha, which is my starting point. In his later years, he said that his fortunes would improve if he lived calmly and calmly.

According to one book, what Buddhism teaches the most is the law of cause and effect. It teaches the "law of cause and effect" that what you do will come back to you. I think that there is always such a cycle in the universe. It's just a matter of how you can move your fortune towards the good in that cycle.

Luck is a fine line. When I was training in the mountains, I once saw a large rock slide in front of me. If I was one step ahead, I would die instantly, so I really think that I was saved by a thin line of luck.

In order to seize such "good luck", there is no choice but to accumulate merit by yourself.

I'm sure you all know this in your heart. It's just that I'm greedy, and I'm going to go through myself, and I'm going to say too much. Discipline yourself, gradually accumulate merits that allow you to encounter "good luck", and live each day steadily. I think it's a wonderful way to live.

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