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日々の想い Vol.18

The way he looks vol.18











Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

In the old days, when trying to tune an analog radio, it was difficult to tune. I would go back and forth, tuning in to the station I wanted to listen to.

Communicating with people is the same, and when you feel that your tuning is perfect, you get a circle. I myself think that I was able to do that kind of work continuously.

Generally speaking, people who have trouble communicating or who get into fights are people who have too much of their own thoughts.

For example, when discussing a certain issue at a company, I think it's the same for everyone, including myself, when I inadvertently give priority to my own feelings and circumstances. However, don't you forget that the problem you are facing now is not about yourself, but about someone ahead of you?

If you think only from your own point of view, you will get frustrated. I want to insist that "I have such a situation." You lose sight of the fact that there is someone ahead of you, and you end up thinking about yourself.

So, when I think we're having a bit of a dispute, I say, "Wait a minute. Calm down, isn't there a customer ahead of you? What would the customer think?" Then come back to the discussion. I think that will give you an easy answer.

Since we started by toddling around, we are amateurs in life, not knowing right or left. Try to think that there is someone ahead of your work while improving each other and colliding with each other.

I was born in Sendai, and since I was little, my grandma told me, ``Look carefully at your surroundings and act accordingly.'' in Sendai dialect. I think that in the past, people taught us important things in life, regardless of religion.

Shall we also live like that?

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