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日々の想い Vol.19

The way he looks vol.19











Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

Looking back on the road I've traveled so far,

Sometimes I think, "Oh, I've come this far."

I will soon add that

"And let's continue from here."

Once you have achieved one goal, don't sit cross-legged and walk slowly toward the next goal. That's how I live each day to the fullest.

After doing the Sennichi Kaihogyo, people around me often ask me about my physical values, such as distance and environment. I think I was only thinking about how to raise my sense of values. It continues even now when I came back to Sendai and built a temple.

Training is irreversible. Even if everyone starts at the same time with the teacher telling them to "do their best with a positive mindset", they will gradually say "I don't like it" and "It's troublesome" with the people who work hard day by day until the end. With a person who leans toward his feelings, what springs up from within is completely different when the practice is over.

It is precisely because of this way of thinking that I view my entire life as a period of one line, and I think that I continue to walk even now.

This month, Samurai Japan, led by Director Hideki Kuriyama, who was a guest of "Step by Step" before, showed a great performance. I think that the sight of the players playing hard and doing their best will light up the hearts of those who watch them, and there are times when watching sports makes us realize things.

Awareness equals small enlightenment. I have to admonish myself every day. Self-improvement ends at the moment when you are satisfied with "I'm fine with this". Polish and polish, and when you face various painful, painful, and unpleasant things, face it, "This is the stage you have to overcome now," and once you overcome it, move on to the next stage. I believe that life is about climbing the “Stairway to Enlightenment” as high as possible through repetition.


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