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日々の想い Vol.20

The way he looks vol.20














Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

A person in his twenties I met the other day asked me, "What is a monk?"

My thoughts haven't changed since I started training.

In the world where Buddha exists, and in the world where you all live, we will work from underneath to heal your hearts. I think that's what it is.

It doesn't matter if you are a monk who has just started training and still can't chant sutras well, or a monk like my master who charms people. From time to time, we will try to please the people we meet with all our heart. That's the origin of "ideal monk" for me.

Origin. The original intention when trying to start something is very pure and pure. It's very difficult to know how to keep up with it.

Some last 3 days, some last a month, some last 3 years, some last until the end. Each.

Original intention is "the first step", and the kanji character "stopping at first" is written as "right". I think it's very important to "keep your original intention".

I gave advice to the young person who asked the question, "Be confident."

When asked where unwavering confidence comes from, it is created by accumulating small confidences such as "I made it through the day today."

However, even if you are confident, it is meaningless if you do not make people happy as a result. Confidence is not complacency. I believe that you will be a monk only when you are able to help others and gain confidence.

The same can be said for the world of craftsmen, the world of sports, and of course other worlds.

If you have a pure heart and build up your self-confidence little by little, the day will come when you will get the hang of how to grow your own seeds, just like the seeds will gradually sprout in the spring light.

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