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日々の想い Vol.21

The way he looks vol.21









Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

About 20 years ago when I built Jigenji Temple, I wanted to create a garden where at least one flower blooms all year round.

At first, I didn't know anything about wildflowers, so I planted many different kinds, but now only about a third of them remain.

There was a phenomenon that no matter how many times I planted it, it did not take root. And it depends on where you plant it. Even if I planted it under the trees of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, it was useless at all. Then, I learned later that cherry blossoms and autumn leaves produce ingredients that only I can survive so that various plants will not grow under my tree. In this way, the remaining one-third was transplanted or divided, and gradually the garden of Jigenji Temple was filled with flowers.

This morning, when I was looking at the garden earlier, I thought that it is beautiful because there are a wide variety of flowers coexisting in this garden. If there is only one kind, it will be somewhat monotonous, and the season in which flowers bloom will be limited.

It was only when there were so many different flowers that I realized that harmony was maintained.

I happened to read a book recently that said that humans eat fermented foods, and that eating various types of bacteria helps maintain physical health. Only one type is not enough.

When I think about the scale of the garden, the body, and the earth, no one thinks the same way. This morning I realized that there are many different ways of thinking, and only when we accept each other and coexist that we can achieve harmony and tranquility in the world.

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