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日々の想い Vol.22

The way he looks vol.22








Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

Buddhism, in simple terms, is a teaching that guides people in the right direction.

Among them, there are various sects, such as Zen and Esoteric Buddhism, which express approaches to enlightenment, but I think that each teaching has something in common.

It means respecting deeds and words that come from the heart. For example, esoteric Buddhism is called "secret teaching," and it is a training method that values ​​these three things: making various hand signs, chanting mantras, and praying in one's heart.

In our daily lives, there are times when our hearts, deeds and words are at odds with each other. Since the mind is invisible, it is possible to deceive only that moment. However, if these three are not accompanied, eventually people around you will distrust you. I believe that it is only when our hearts, words and actions become one that we are able to correctly convey our various thoughts to others.

For this reason, esoteric Buddhism teaches how to align your mind, words, and actions. To put it simply, there is a training method of cherishing one.

In order to truly master communication, which is the starting point of human life, it is important that our minds, words, and actions are united in our daily lives. I think.


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