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日々の想い Vol.23

The way he looks vol.23








Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

The phrase “rising upwards” is often used in the world of management.

In the world of training, isn't this ``rising upward'' the most ideal?

The vertical axis of the graph is your motivation/motivation, and the horizontal axis is your positive/negative feeling.

It's affection.

If you have the power to be pulled to the right side of positivity and keep your motivation high,

It's going to be a right shoulder, isn't it?

If this is the exact opposite, there is no point in going to great lengths to train.

I think the same thing can be said not only in training but also in everyday life.

By always keeping your motivation high and your emotions positive,

I believe that we can move our lives forward in a positive direction.


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