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日々の想い Vol.24

The way he looks vol.24


本山である金峯山寺では、毎年7月に「蓮華会(れんげえ) 蛙飛び行事」がありますが、この行事には、こんな由来があります。









Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

Every July at Kinpusen-ji Temple, the head temple, there is a "Renge-e Frog-flying event", and this event has the following origin.

Long ago, when a strong-legged man boasted that he could climb as high as he could, an eagle took him to the top of a mountain too high for a human to descend. As a result, a practitioner with magical powers helped him by turning him into a frog and helping him jump between the rocks and come down. However, since he could not live as a frog, he underwent training and repented in order to change his mind, and was able to return to being a human.

Every year on July 7th, this "Renge-e" is held, and the lotus flowers used in this "frog-flying event" are sent one by one from Mt. Yoshino in Nara to Mt. While chanting sutras, offerings are made to the principal deity on the mountain, and the ceremony ends with Goma.

I think once again that these old events and traditions depict important teachings and mental attitudes as human beings.

We all have a pure heart when it comes to taking the first step in everything, but as we get used to it, we start to feel arrogant, saying things like, "I know that," or "I can do it, too." There are times when you reflect and say, "I was arrogant at that time." I think this is the path that everyone goes through.

It is good for people who can warn themselves not to do so, but for those who cannot, they become more and more selfish and their life would go downward.

I felt that such a teaching is included in this single event called “Renge-e”.

Also, recently, I suddenly remembered that my teacher's father took great care of frogs and placed frog figurines everywhere in the temple.

That's right, I thought it would be nice if there was something related to frogs at Jigenji Temple, so I created a new talisman for safe frogs. When visiting Jigenji Temple, be sure to stop by the Fudasho.


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