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日々の想い Vol.3

The way he looks vol.3


11月は上旬にNHK BS1スペシャル『大峯千日回峰行の道を行く 修験道・塩沼亮潤の世界』の8回目となる再放送がありました。










Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

In early November, there was the 8th rebroadcast of the NHK BS1 Special "Shugendo, Ryojun Shionuma no Sekai".

Since the first broadcast was on October 18, 2020, it means that it was broadcast eight times in about one year. I'm really grateful.

I myself watched this program every time it was broadcast, but especially this time, strong energy was transmitted from the program. I received feedback and messages from people around me saying, "This time, my impression was different," and I wondered why this was the case.

When I told this story to a customer who came to the Goma Shuho the other day, he said, "I'm sorry, but ... two years ago and today's Goma, the power and the things that are transmitted are completely different."

The content itself is the same for both the program and Goma. Why is that?

I wondered if there were two reasons for this.

One is my own change. This is just a sensation, but "Ryojun Shionuma" when I was interviewed a year ago is different from "Ryojun Shionuma" now. Of course, the footage taken was more than a year ago, but I think the growth of "Ryojun Shionuma" over the past year has had an invisible effect on the program.

And the other is the change on the viewer side. Before the Corona disaster, society as a whole was pushing toward AI and digital, but recently, analog and realistic experiences such as camping are attracting attention. Under such circumstances, my training in the mountains and the fire-burning Goma are especially experiential. That is why, from the perspective of the world, it may be that people are starting to think "I see."

I think that both this program and Goma were a snap together like a chemical reaction.

I'm really looking forward to how it will feel in another year.

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