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日々の想い Vol.4

The way he looks vol.4


















Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

Just the other day, a disciple, Junsho Nakano, came to visit the temple and asked me to prun the persimmon tree.

When I asked Mr. Junsho, who was pruning, "What kind of branch do you want to cut?", He told me, "I will cut off all the branches below. I can't produce good fruits from the branches that grow downward." I did.

When I heard that, I realized that both persimmons and humans are the same.

Even human beings can't get good results if their feelings are down.

In addition, pruning persimmon trees involves thinning out the buds one by one, which is called bud picking. Otherwise, the calyx part will not grow, so no big fruit will be produced. If the calyx is small, it will fall off when it bears fruit.

Humans also fall quickly unless they first make a vessel and then bear large fruits.

It was an event that I realized that the year of persimmon and the life of human beings are very similar.


Well, it's early and today is New Year's Eve.

What kind of year was 2021?

For me, it was a year when my shoulders were even more relaxed.

When I was young, I had to work hard on my shoulders because I had little experience. Looking back, I think that painful things are "fun", and I feel like I was trying to create my own mind.

However, now that I have gained a lot of experience, I have come to think that it is "ah, fun" in a natural way, even in situations such as lectures and program recording. I was able to enjoy my time day by day.

I hope that 2022 will be a year in which I can relax my shoulders and enjoy everything naturally.

Even if you don't seem to be positive, your fortune will open up where you can suggest yourself and take it positively. First, be conscious and try to think positively.

Feeling up while relaxing your shoulders.

May 2022 be a fun year for you.

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