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日々の想い Vol.5

The way he looks vol.5









Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

This time, I would like to talk about this word that came to my mind recently.

"It is bestowed by throwing it away, and it leads to a place that is not obsessed with selfishness in the flow."

I often hear from top management leaders that "by throwing it away, it comes in the opposite direction." Everyone has actually experienced and experienced such things, and it seems that they understand it without reason. As I grow older, I feel that way more and more.

Originally, I wasn't the one who was obsessed with things like "I want to be like this" and "I want to be like this", but I lived my life with the idea of ​​giving everyone everything that came to me. In a company, there are strategic things, there are conceptual things, and things are decided, but in my case, that was not the case at all. Anyway, I've been working hard on the work I'm given right in front of me. I tried my best, and there was almost no selfishness of "I". As a result, you've experienced hundreds and thousands of times when you're in trouble and you're strangely guided to the better.

Just recently, I was told that if I cooked food for people in need in my neighborhood and worked hard all day, the good news came that night. This is what came to my mind.

"It is bestowed by throwing it away, and it leads to a place that is not obsessed with selfishness in the flow."

Last year, when I was wondering what I could contribute to the world as a monk, I learned that there are children in Japan who cannot eat rice. When my parents divorced when I was little and I was so poor that I couldn't eat rice, my mother's friends and acquaintances brought me rice and I ate it, so I've grown a lot now. It is thanks to everyone who supported me at that time that I was able to give lectures and programs and write books in this way. In return for that, I also want to spend money and have a willingness to approach children and people in need. Under such circumstances, I think that we will be able to receive new guidance again.

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