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日々の想い Vol.6

The way he looks vol.6












Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

At the end of February, the bright hours of the day are getting longer and longer.

Actually, I hated winter. Lol

I like the outdoors, such as field work, so I didn't really like winter when I couldn't work outside.

After I started living in Akiho, I hope winter will be good. Rather, I like all the seasons. At Jigenji, one day suddenly it snowed with a tremendous westerly wind, and I knew it was winter from today, and after the Setsubun, the air suddenly changed to the smell of spring. The transition of the four seasons is clear.

Especially in winter, there is a fireplace, a hearth, and when you surround the fire, everyone feels a sense of unity and warms your heart. Since ancient times, we all lived around the fire at night, so there may be something in our DNA that is engraved.

Of course, it can be difficult. On snowy days, all staff members spend two hours in the morning shoveling snow. However, the reason I didn't find it bothersome or unpleasant was probably because I was cleaning and shoveling snow at the training dojo, which was many times larger than the current site. If you have a lot of hardships, a little hardship may not be so hard.

What I find interesting is the Japanese enkianthus planted at Jigenji Temple. Even if the snow piles up and the branches bend more than 90 degrees, they will come back to normal in the spring. In a normal tree, the branches will snap when snow is piled up or a load is applied, but only Japanese enkianthus returns wonderfully.

No matter how heavy I am, I will not break and when spring comes again, I will try to peel straight up. I learn that kind of living attitude every year from Japanese enkianthus during the winter.

The snow on Jigenji will soon melt completely.

Spring is coming soon.

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