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日々の想い Vol.8

The way he looks vol.8












Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

I think it's wonderful to see people who have beautiful behavior and beautiful words.

The "gyou" of the monk's training is written as "deed".

Just as the word "enter from the style" is used, "gyou" is one of the patterns to reach such a beautiful deed, and you can spend your day as a monk with a correct posture. I think it's all about repeating it hard every day.

When we become monks, we receive the ten commandments, the Ten Commandments. The content of the commandments is about "deeds," "words," and "heart." In fact, most of this discipline is just something that is taken for granted as a person.

In other words, I think that "training" is not just for monks, but for correcting the origin of our human life.

Correct your usual lazy deeds and correct your words. In the meantime, I think my heart will be corrected and communication with people will be successful.

Our life is the same as waking up in the morning and going to work every day when the day begins, saying "Thank you for your support today." I will do my best to work there.

No matter how negative things may happen in a given environment, no matter how negative words are spoken, I will simply correct my own actions and correct the words. If you continue to make efforts like that, you may get a small enlightenment.

If it's a day from birth to the last breath, I think, "Oh, this is what humans do."

What I'm going to do is to rag my heart every day, dusting my heart, ignoring myself, and trying to polish more. From that feeling, I think it will spread to a richer heart and life.

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