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日々の想い Vol.9

The way he looks vol.9













Hello, this is Ryojun Shionuma.

Recently, I have come to think more deeply about wanting to convey the word "word" very importantly.

I always listen to the broadcasts of my radio programs, but I have to improve the slight nuances and usage of the words I say, such as "This expression is not appropriate". I always regret it.

The program has a time limit, so if you try to fit it within that time, you may not be able to tell it. If it is communicated to many people, it may not be possible to receive exactly what you intended based on your thoughts and experience. I would like to improve my language so that there are no such subtle errors.

Even in your daily life, words flow like a catch ball.

Your facial expression, voice tone, and interval. And my unconscious habit. With that kind of thing, it may be offensive to the other person.

When I take a bird's-eye view of how I'm speaking, I feel that people around me can understand things that haven't been communicated until now, are less likely to be misunderstood, and create good communication. To do.

What is in your heart is invisible to each other.

The only way to express that is to rely on a tool called "words".

If that "word" is perfect, it's not perfect.

That's why, by brushing up your space, tone, and strength, and making efforts to convey to the other person what you really wanted to convey in your heart, you can improve your life. I think we can proceed.

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