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3月 「大きな龍雲」

Letter March "big dragon cloud"




― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―




There is a season word for the middle of spring, "Climb the Dragon Heaven".

The dragon is considered sacred in China and counted as one of the four auspicious animals, along with kylin, phoenix, and tortoise, which are said to appear in the world of peace since ancient times.

A dragon that governs water and rain rushes up to the heavens. Just imagining it makes my heart tremble.

[ Monthly Word ]

It is the beginning of Jigenji Temple, an event at the groundbreaking ceremony.

At the ground-breaking ceremony that started before dawn, a string of rain fell quietly, silent thunder shone, and many shooting stars fell into the sky.

After the groundbreaking ceremony, when I looked up at the western sky, I saw a large dragon cloud that was illuminated by the morning sun and was shining in a brown color.


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