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8月 「泥の中から光へ」

Letter August "From mud to light"






― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―


塩沼亮潤 「人生でいちばん大切な三つのことば」より

The flower language of the lotus, which blooms early in the morning and ends its short life on the fourth day, is "pure heart."

It seems that it is derived from the fact that the stems stretch toward the light while sucking up muddy water and make beautiful flowers bloom.

Another flower language is "Please save me".

Flowers are said to have already existed on earth about 140 million years ago.

It must have saved and healed people's hearts with its pure beauty.

[ Monthly Word ]


By respecting people as much as you care about yourself, you can lead your life in a bright direction. This small pile is directly linked to our peace and the peace of the world.

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