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1月 「水泉動(しみずあたたかをふくむ)」

Letter January "the frozen spring begins to move in the ground".






塩沼亮潤 「幸いをいただきまして このひとときを大切に」より

It is the season of the 72 pentads "Shimizu atataka wo fukumu", which is said to be the time when the frozen spring begins to move in the ground and contains a faint warmth. In January, which is filled with cold air that seems to make a keen noise, it seems that the coldness will shrink not only your body but also your heart. If you listen carefully, you will surely hear the footsteps of spring from deep underground. With that in mind, let's spend each day with a bright and calm feeling.

[Monthly Word]

No matter what happens, don't resent people, don't hate them, and forgive them with a broad heart.

The heart of this anger turns around,

It becomes a calm heart and returns to life.


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