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10月 「心を輝かせる」

Letter October "make your heart shine"







― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―






塩沼亮潤 「春夏秋冬<自然に生きる>」より

The 72nd season is the season when chrysanthemums bloom.

Chrysanthemum flowers are said to be the elixir of longevity. It is said that villagers who drank river water dripping with chrysanthemum flowers lived long lives.

It is said that drinking sake with chrysanthemum flowers on it will give you a long life.

The beautiful chrysanthemum wine with edible chrysanthemum petals, which is often available this season, is sure to energize your soul.

[Monthly Word]

Let's live our lives with the image of bringing good luck to our bodies in the given environment.

Think of what someone says or does to you as a gift from your life, given by Hotoke-sama and God for your personal growth.

If you overcome each hurdle in front of you, you may naturally receive unexpected rewards such as good relationships and good luck without even realizing it.


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