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10月 「色取月」

Letter October "Irodorizuki"






"Irodorizuki" is a color of leaves. From the gorgeous yellow that catches the eye, to the burning red and the soft orange, the color changes depending on the trees and the climate of the year, so the autumn leaves are once in a lifetime. Akiu Otaki, which is known as one of the most famous waterfalls in the prefecture, will be brightly colored with ginkgo, maple and maple, and will entertain the eyes of visitors. If you drive a car, you may come across a breathtaking view of autumn leaves on an unnamed mountain road, and it's autumn when you'll be thrilled with an unexpected gift.

[Monthly Word]

In a life that doesn't go the way you want, how can you feel the joy that springs from your soul, feel that you are alive, and have a feeling of gratitude? It all depends on your heart. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. With this sword in your chest, even in the event of a bad encounter, you can stay in the positive direction, even if you don't want to squeeze the needle in the middle of your heart in the negative direction by a millimeter. If you work hard in the positive direction, you will find that it is a good thing. Apparently, life is made like that.


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