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11月 「冬の気」

Letter November "Signs of winter".


江戸時代に発行された暦便覧(こよみびんらん)には「冬の気立ち初めて いよいよ冷ゆれば也」という言葉があります。立冬を境に冷え込みも厳しくなり、どんどん冬らしくなっていきますね。慈眼寺は秋保のさらに奥にございますのでことさら寒さも厳しいですが、境内に立ち込める凜とした冷たい空気に心が清められる気がいたします。

― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―


塩沼亮潤 「春夏秋冬<自然に生きる>」より

This year's Lidong was November 7th.

In the calendar handbook (Koyomi Binran) published in the Edo period, there is a phrase, "For the first time in winter, it's finally cold." After the beginning of winter, the cold weather becomes more severe, and it becomes more and more like winter. Jiyokuji is located further back in Akiho, so it's extremely cold, but I feel that the dignified cold air that can be seen in the precincts will cleanse my heart.

[Monthly Word]

Mountains are a symbol of nature, but when you look at yourself in nature, throw away all the dirt and shackles of your life, and you can live like the reason of nature. Only then can the law be obtained. After that, when I went down to the village and experienced the suffering and worries of ordinary people, wept, and when I realized the pain and suffering of people, I was finally obsessed with the law, and it was a matter of course as a human being. It becomes a figure.


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