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12/21,28ラジオ番組『step by step』特別ゲストのお知らせ

The guest announcement of radio program "step by step".


来週12月21日(火)と28日(火)のInterFM『塩沼亮潤大阿闍梨のstep by step』では、ゲストを迎えたスペシャル回をお送りします。




[Inter FM]

2021年12月21日(火) 午後9:30 ~ 午後10:00

    28日(火) 午後9:30 ~ 午後10:00

Next week, December 21st (Tuesday) and 28th (Tuesday), InterFM "Ryojun Shionuma Acharya's step by step" will be a special event with guests.

Mr. Junsho Nakano, the chief priest of Houzoin (Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture), who is a disciple of Ryojun Shionuma, and Mr. Kanun Aramaki, the chief priest of Hakuhoin (Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture).

Mr. Nakano is the second time since summer. Mr. Aramaki will be appearing for the first time.

Please listen.


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