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2月 「冬をこえて」

Letter February "Beyond winter"




― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―



塩沼亮潤 「心を込めて生きる」より

The days will continue to get colder, but it's about time we start to receive good news from the south, such as the nightingale chirping and the plum blossoms blooming.

Plum blossoms are loved all over the world and can withstand cold winds, frost, and snow.

I can't wait for the day when the plum blossoms, known as spring flowers, bloom after the harsh winter.

- Monthly Words -

There is a feeling of hurry, saying, ``I want to be like that,'' ``I want to be like this,'' or ``I want to get better quickly,'' but nothing can be accomplished in a day or two.

The mind is just like the seed of a plant, and the seed planted today will never grow and bear fruit tomorrow.


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