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5月 「秋保へ」

Letter May "Welcome to Akiu"







― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―





It will soon be the first day of summer, and the sound of frogs can be heard in the 72nd season.

Before you know it, the cherry blossoms have fallen, and the landscape you see is completely green, taking on the colors of summer.

Sendai, known as the "City of Forests," and Akiu are in their most beautiful season.

Jigen-ji Temple is located in a quiet village surrounded by rice fields, about an hour's drive from Sendai city.

Would you like to come and hear the frogs singing "Kero Kero" on the stage in the rice field during the green season?

- Monthly Words -

My favorite place in Akiu is the rice field road that stretches out beyond the Ota Tofu store.

When I watched the meteor shower from there at night, I was moved by how beautiful it was.

Akiu is a place with great potential.


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