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7月 「移ろい」

Letter July "change"




正岡子規が詠んだ「紫陽花や 昨日の誠 今日の嘘」という句には、「七変化」と呼ばれる紫陽花の花の色のように、人の心も移ろいやすいもの。そんな思いが込められているのでしょうか。

― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―





塩沼亮潤 「人生でいちばん大切な三つのことば」より

No other flower looks better in the rain than a hydrangea.

Hydrangea that blooms around the beginning of the rainy season and ends around the end of the rainy season.

The Japanese have expressed in haiku and literature the appearance of hydrangea that blooms moistly in the rain.

The phrase "hydrangea and yesterday's truth today's lie" written by Shiki Masaoka is like the color of the hydrangea flower called "seven changes", which is easy for people to change their minds. Does that mean that?

[Monthly Word]

There are always good and bad things in life, and even a priest who has been able to reach a certain point sometimes comes up with unexpected things.

You can't just say that what happens around you is good, but bad, sad, and painful things don't happen because you realize it.

However, in the case of a priest who has gained a certain ground, the perception is different.

Knowing that there are both positives and negatives in life, the attitude of being happy and uneasy with the events that occur around us will be nurtured with age.


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