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Kappo 仙台闊歩 連載のお知らせ

Notice of serialization "Sendai Kappo"

大人のためのプレミアムマガジンKappo 仙台闊歩で、塩沼大阿闍梨の連載「生涯小僧のこころ」がスタートしました。


Kappo 仙台闊歩の発売日は偶数月5日になります。

A premium magazine "Sendai Kappo", the serialization of "The Heart of a kid" by RyoJun Shionuma Daiajari has started. In the first installment, on the eve of Sennichi Kaihogyo, we will introduce the wishes of RyoJun Shionuma Daiajari, who was a kid who made many sheets of words on colored paper, and the important person who supported his heart.


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