Jigenji Temple
Event Schedule


Inform about the annual event schedule.



毎月 第3日曜日 13時

Goma Shuho

3rd Sun. 1PM every month


1月1日 - 1月3日

New Year's Goma

January 1 - 3




Setsubun Festival

February 2



11月 - 3月末

Entrance Exam Prayer

November - March


Goma Shuho


慈眼寺 護摩堂において護摩供を厳修し法話があります。

From 13:00 on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month At Jigenji Gomadou, there is a ritual of strict training of Goma offerings.

2021年 今後の実施日程


2021 Future implementation schedule
October 17th, Sun., November 21st, Sun., December 19th, Sun.






The number of seats in Gomadou will be about 60. Depending on the weather on the day, we are planning to have dozens of seats outside the Gomadou, but please note that there are places to worship where you cannot see the inside of the Gomadou to ensure a sufficient distance. (The number of seats may change without notice depending on various circumstances.) In addition, we ask for your cooperation in infection prevention measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

⚫︎ Only mask wearers can enter. Please wear a mask during the Goma Shuho. Please disinfect your hands when you enter.

⚫︎ Please refrain from visiting other than the designated place.

⚫︎ We do not plan to take a commemorative photo of the story and after the story.


Please note that the schedule may change in a hurry depending on the infection situation.


Numbered tickets will be distributed from 9 am on the day. We would like as many people as possible to visit us, but please be aware that the number of seats is limited before you come to the mountain. In addition, please refrain from lining up in the middle of the night or early in the morning before the parking lot opens. If there are convoys on prefectural roads and sidewalks, it will obstruct the passage of general vehicles.



New Year's Goma



3 days from New Year's Day we will strictly practice
the New Year's first Goma prayer.





申込用紙をご希望の方は[ お名前 / 連絡先 / FAX番号]を明記の上、FAXをお送りください。申込用紙をFAXさせていただきます。(FAX番号:022-399-5222)

This year, as a countermeasure against the new corona infection, all seats will be reserved. Please note that the event will be held with a limited number of people in consideration of social distance.

* Please apply for the New Year's First Homa Prayer from midnight on New Year's Day by 11:30 pm on December 31st.

You can also apply by fax or mail.

If you would like an application form, please send a fax with [name / telephone / fax]. We will fax the application form. [ fax : 022-399-5222 ]









⚫︎ New Year Goma at midnight on January 1 [80 people can worship in the main hall]

We will give you a seat number voucher from 8 pm on the 31st. We will guide you to the main hall from 10 pm.

* Heating is available for more than 80 worshipers, although it may be a little. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we may be able to provide you with some seats, so please visit us.

⚫︎ New Year Goma at 13:00 on January 1, 2 and 3 [80 people can worship in Gomadou]

We will give you a seat number voucher from 9 am on the day. From 12:40 pm, we will guide you in the Gomadou in the order of the seat number voucher. Please fill in your name and contact information and line up in front of the main hall at 12:40. When you enter the hall, we will exchange it for a seat number ticket with the same number, so please sit in the seat with the seat number written on it.

* Advance reservations for seat number vouchers are not accepted.



Setsubun Festival



February 2, We will perform Setsubun Goma, Holy Wand Kamochi, Oni Odori, and Fukuzu Maki at the main hall.





⚫︎2021 Setsubun Festival event change notice

Due to the state of emergency, it was decided to cancel the planned Setsubun Festival Homa and the sacred wand Kamochi and Oni's rebellion ceremony at the main hall. For those who have applied for the Setsubun Star Secret Law, as usual, the day before the beginning of spring, this year from 3:00 am on February 2nd, the Star Secret Law will be rigorously rehabilitated and a bill will be added.

We will start picking up prayer cards at the reception desk from 8:00 am on February 2nd. You can pick it up at your convenience. Even if you plan to receive it directly, we will respond if you contact us by mail. In addition, for those who come to worship on the day, we will prepare beans and Heart Sutra bills offered before the treasure, although the number is limited. It is a difficult time because of the corona disaster, but I pray for the early end and pray for the blessing of all of you to eliminate the disaster.



Entrance Exam Prayer



From November to the end of March If you wish, we will award a "passing achievement special amulet" that you can bring to the venue.



You can also apply by fax or mail. [ fax : 022-399-5222 ]