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塩沼亮潤 大阿闍梨基金 創設のお知らせ

Announcement of the establishment of Ryojun Shionuma Dai Ajari Foundation

「塩沼亮潤 大阿闍梨基金〜ともに寄り添うプラットフォーム〜」を昨年末に創設いたしました。







"Ryojun Shionuma Dai Ajari Foundation-Platform to be close to each other-" was established at the end of last year.

We plan to provide financial support to non-profit organizations that care for and support children and people in need of living who are facing difficult lives. The fund is also looking for "sympathy" donations from everyone who resonate and sympathize.

(The operation and management of this fund is outsourced to the Public Resources Foundation)

* Message from Ryojun Shionuma Dai Ajari *

I learned that there are children who have difficulty eating food even in modern Japan, and I started this fund if I could do something in the world as a monk.

When I was little, there was a time when I was having trouble with my daily meal.At that time, the people around me brought me rice and helped me. We believe that activities at the fund are the first step in giving back.

A long and short life, a big and small earth. I hope we can create a society where everyone can help each other and share their joy in this community.


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