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塩沼亮潤 大阿闍梨基金 助成金公募を開始しました

Dai-Ajari Foundation Ryojun Shionuma Recruitment of organizations requesting subsidies has started.

「塩沼亮潤 大阿闍梨基金〜ともに寄り添うプラットフォーム〜」の第一回助成金の公募を開始いたしました。








We have started accepting applications for the first subsidy for "Ryojun Shionuma Dai-Ajari Fund -A platform that snuggles together-".

For more information, please check the fund application page. *Transition to an external site.

Application acceptance period

February 14, 2023 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) until 17:00

In addition, we are still looking for “sympathy” donations from everyone who can sympathize and sympathize with our fund.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated so far.

(The operation and management of this fund is entrusted to the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Public Resource Foundation.)


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