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10月 「自然の恵みに感謝」

Letter October "Thank you for the blessings of nature"



Say goodbye to the scenery of the rice fields filled with water. In October, the harvested rice will be available in stores. A new rice that is plump, glossy, and the more you chew, the more delicious the rice spreads in your mouth. From soil preparation to sowing, seedling production, and harvesting, the season has arrived where farmers can enjoy the rice grown with all their heart. People in the old days have held festivals, wishing for a good harvest and thanking them for their harvest. We all grew up with the blessings of nature. Let's have a meal with the gratitude of "Thank you".





[Monthly Word]

There is air, there is water, the sun rises from the eastern sky every day, and there is rice and miso soup. I am happy to thank you for this everyday miracle. There is no end to looking up compared to people.


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