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2月 「寄りそう心」

Letter February "Close to your heart".

仙台のラジオ局Date fmで放送中の番組『今朝の一言』を通じ、大阿闍梨が皆さまへお伝えしてきた言葉が「寄りそう心」という一冊の本になりました。







塩沼亮潤 「寄りそう心」より 

Through the program "A Word of the Morning" being broadcast on the Sendai radio station Date fm, the words that Shionuma has conveyed to everyone have become a book called "Close to your heart".

A collection of life advice that is full of kindness even in the harshness. We will deliver it with the beautiful satoyama scenery of Akiu that makes you feel nostalgic.

Whenever it's hard, sad, or troubled in life, turn the page and he will speak to your heart. I hope it will be a talisman-like book that will always be in your heart.

It will be on sale on January 31st in Miyagi Prefecture and on February 10th at bookstores nationwide.

[Monthly Word]

It's been a difficult time, but it may be a chance for the world to realize the "true love" of being close to all beings and caring for them.

The big and small star "Earth". It may be a good time to create something new and universal by people, people, regions and cultures, and countries and countries holding hands and respecting each other.


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