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2月 「心にお天道様を」

Letter February "Lord Tendo in your heart"





― 今月の大阿闍梨のひと言 ―



塩沼亮潤 「毎日が小さな修行」より

Tomorrow is Setsubun.

At Jigen-ji Temple, the ``Oni no Shobushi Ceremony'' is held to reform the demons who have been chased away from all over the country by throwing beans and saying ``Good luck is within, demons are within.''

Sometimes we get irritated, we get angry, and we grow horns in our hearts, but let's let the demons in our hearts change our minds and welcome the first day of spring with a bright mindset.

- Monthly Words -

If you can't help but feel dark and lost in thought, try imagining Tendou-sama in your mind.

I believe that living life as it is without getting caught up in the dark side will give you a hint to live a peaceful life.


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