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5月 「心の故郷」

Letter May "Hometown of the heart"










塩沼亮潤 「寄りそう心」より

After the beginning of summer, the young leaves shine even more vividly, and the scent of summer blows through the village.

In fields and rice fields, frogs begin to cry as if to signal the arrival of summer.

Many people are invited by the refreshing breeze to spend a relaxing time in Akiu while driving.

There are many wonderful shops in Akiu, such as a cafe that stands quietly in the woods, a restaurant with a Japanese atmosphere that reuses an old folk house, and a container cafe where works by artists living in the prefecture are lined up.

If you drink tea and walk along the water, you may meet the clear stream diva Kajika frog, which sings with a particularly beautiful voice, "Fi-fi-".

[Monthly Word]

While walking in the mountains on the Sennichi Kaiho Gyo, the scenery of Akiu suddenly came to my mind.

I think that's because I was often brought to Akiu from an early age.

I think I've always liked this Akiu, where the mountains, air, and water are all beautiful.


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