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5月 「思いやりの心」

Letter May "Compassionate heart"









塩沼亮潤 Kappo連載「小僧のこころ」5月号より

The 72nd season of this season is "earthworms come out".

It is the season when earthworms sleeping in the soil crawl out while saying "Good morning".

During the Sennichi Kaiho Gyo, Ryojun Shionuma couldn't leave the worms suffering half-dried and helped many. "I wanted to cherish the life of living together in the wilderness during the time in the mountains, even if it was a single insect."

A compassionate heart for all living things.

[Monthly Word]

In Japanese,"Inochi" is written as "mei" meaning of command. I think everyone was born with some role, just as a priest has a role to serve people, earthworms have a role to increase soil microorganisms.

We value the edges that are spun in the flow of life and live to the last breath. No matter how much you think about what life is and what life is, there will be no answer. If you get caught up in difficult things, life will not be fun.

When I wake up in the morning, I laugh as much as I can. I think that I should not forget the peace of mind and compassion, live brightly and happily until the very end, and go to the other world when I am greeted.


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