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5月 「自然を味わい、自然に学ぶ」

Letter May "Feel nature and learn from it"








塩沼亮潤 「忘れて 捨てて 許す生き方」より

Sendai is celebrating the most beautiful season of the year with shining greenery.

Even if you say "green", there are various color names in Japan. Light Moegi, Moss green, Hiwairo, Aotakeiro, Patina, Rokusho, Kamenozoki, Wakatakeiro. Hiwa-iro is a color name associated with the color of the feathers of a small bird, and is a bright moegi with a strong yellow tinge. Bottle peeping refers to the very pale blue color of indigo dyeing.

A sense of color peculiar to Japanese people who breathed deeply in the life that seems to be close to the four seasons. You will be amazed at the richness of our ancestors' sensibilities.

[Monthly Word]

Isshiki Ikkou must be in the middle of the road

"Isshiki Ikkou" is, for example, "a single flower that blooms in the field."

It is said that the correct teaching is embodied in the single flower. If so, Ichiki Ichikusa will also give us hints on how to live as we should be, in light of what we should be.


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