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6月 「人と人の心を結ぶおにぎり」

Letter June "Onigiri connect people's hearts"



June 18th is "Onigiri Day". The oldest description of rice balls that remains in the literature is Tonjiki, which appears in The Tale of Genji. At that time, it was said that steamed rice was held in an oval shape.

By the way, January 17th is "Omusubi Day". If you look up the difference between "Onigiri" and "Omusubi" in dictionary, they will point to the same thing, just by calling them differently. This "Omusubi Day" was established after the volunteers cooked rice balls in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Even during the Great East Japan Earthquake, many people felt the warmth of the cooked rice balls and miso soup and were energized. I think that the delicious rice balls that are made by tying the edges of each grain have such a warm power that they can connect people with each other.




<塩沼亮潤 「心を込めて生きる」より>

[Monthly Word]

Since nature is connected to ourselves and nature to our hearts, we must accept and appreciate all good and bad things. There were some strict masters and seniors, but I think that those people were the ones that the Buddha used for their own growth. Now that we have gone down the mountain and went to the village in the real world, and now that something calm in our hearts has been born, people are going around, annoying people, being harassed, and helping each other to live. Thank you again.


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